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Long form

The Brum Radio A-List. Selected and presented the shortlist of local releases of the week.
The xChange Festival Feminist Playlist. Produced and co-presented the show. More info here
2 out of 10 hrs of specialist radio produced for FADE Radio, made in addition to co-managing the station: In The Lab #04.

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External podcasts I've edited:

Bite sized

A real-time recipe & cooking podcast, part of my final BA production project. Visit for more.
Comecerts & Wang Wen Interview - English and German
Auch als gekürzte Version im egoFM Hauptprogramm

Selection of articles

german flag egoFM, e.g. reviews, various music articles and lifestyle pieces / 07.2018

"Wir haben die Top-Sommerlöcher der letzten Jahre recherchiert und eine 100% wissenschaftlich vertretbare Skala erstellt, wie das perfekte Sommerloch gelingt. (Achtung: Ironie an!)"

polish flag Czwórka, Polskie Radio, a report about dangers of swimming in the Vistula river / 06.2017

"W tym roku ratownicy WOPR-u w Warszawie uratowali z wód Wisły 6 osób. Rzecznik tej instytucji przypominał także w rozmowie z Czwórką, co należy zrobić, jeśli widzimy osobę, która się topi. Zapraszamy do wysłuchania nagrania materiału dźwiękowego."

british flag Birmingham Eastside, MGMT - Little Dark Age review / 02.2018

"MGMT‘s bitterness over the initial success seems not to be digested yet, but their song-making-craft remains one of the band's strongest assets."

british flag Bloggers Gamut, eg. [web archive links] Pink Floyd's Piper at The Gates of Dawn at 50 or Albums of 2016 - A Seat At The Table / 03.2017

Abstracts of academic work

Message me to request a copy.

MA dissertation - The role of personal taste on the work of music programmers in small to medium scale radio stations across Europe.

At the centre of this study are cultural workers who select and program the music in small to medium radio stations around Europe. Their occupation could be seen as one of Gramscian organic intellectuals or, as per Bourdieu (1984), of cultural intermediaries. This research investigates how personal taste influences their work and their negotiation thereof. The data collected includes stations in the United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands, finding significant similarities in their approaches, despite differences in format or size. The participants were interviewed in a semi-structured way over instant messenger or email, as well as one per phone call. They were asked about their music policy and schedule, work practices and personal music tastes. This research uncovers tools at the cultural intermediaries' disposal, discusses conflicting definitions of the cultural intermediary occupation, as well as local music as an exemption to the politics of taste. It contributes to expand dislike research approaches beyond the audience focus, prevalent in the studies of the field thus far.

Researching Media Cultures module

This assignment aims to expand upon using shared playlist creation as a methodological approach. Similarly to the xChange Festival Feminist Playlist, contributors were encouraged to send in three songs with a description which they associated with the given theme – in this case, guilty pleasure.

Selected by staff for the BCU Inspired showcase.

Cultural Theory module

Following a number of semi-structured interviews through online messaging, this paper explores the experience of departure from fandom using the case study of SuperWhoLock ex-fans. SuperWhoLock is a fan-made crossover universe of Supernatural (CW, 2005-), Doctor Who (BBC, 2005-) and Sherlock (BBC, 2010-). This research focusses on subsequent experience of embarrassment about their participation in particular, additionally uncovering the controversial aspects of online fandom cultures, the shows' scripts, as well as actions of cast and crews. It also contributes to the growing field of anti-fandom and ex-fan studies, shedding light onto the transition from like to dislike.

BA dissertation - “People who we make fun of the most, are people who are really into it” - How do anti-fans construct their identity surrounding their dislike of the Eurovision Song Contest?

This dissertation investigates audiences of the Eurovision Song Contest, which characterize themselves by ironic watching and dislike of the television event – yet still watch the Eurovision Song Contest regularly. It contributes to the wider theoretical frameworks of anti-fandom audiences, Eurovision consumption, as well as studies of taste and identities. Questions about the audiences’ identity construction have been answered through investigation into their viewing practices and textualities. It uncovers a diversity of meanings taken from the Eurovision Song Contest and the variety through which a single media text can be understood through. The research has been undertaken using a qualitative ethnographic method – conducting semi-structured interviews with participants, who have volunteered following self-identification with a number of preliminary questions.

Personal Statement

A multilingual Media and Cultural Studies Master’s graduate with an exemplary academic record. Recipient of the BCMCR & BCU SoM Research Award 2019. A fast learner and problem solver. Highly skilled in audio production, experienced in project management. Tech-savvy, knowledgeable in media production and a broad range of corresponding software. Aspiring a career on the conjunction of radio production and new media.


MA (Hons) Media & Cultural Studies - Birmingham City University


* Attended Cultural Theory, Cultural Policy, Social Media, Research in Practice modules
* Course focussed on pursuing own research interests — time-management and self-starter attitude was essential.
* Dissertation explored personal dislike of cultural workers and its impact on their work.
* Regularly participated in the Birmingham Research Centre for Media and Cultural Studies seminars

BA (Hons) Media & Communications - Birmingham City University

First Class with Honours

* Theory and practice modules in radio, music industries, new media/digital cultures, journalism, TV
* Major project (nochefspodcast) alongside a dissertation in final year
* Developed my passion for research on the course
* Recipient of the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research & School Of Media Research Award 2019

European Baccalaureate - European School Munich

Final grade of 88.1%

* Final examinations included Polish, German and English, as well as Economics, History and Mathematics

Key Skills

+Fluent in Polish, German and English
● ● ● ● ○Research and analytical skills
● ● ● ● ●Programming, maintainance and live use of radio playout software - very detailed knowledge of Myriad by Broadcast Radio, StationPlaylist, and PlayItLive. Knowledgable of RCS Zetta/gSelector, mAirlist and Dalet.
● ● ● ● ○Adobe Audition (and equivalents, e.g. Audacity); Basic knowledge of ProTools
● ● ● ● ○Radio studio and sound equipment
● ● ● ● ○Social media platforms and their uses
● ● ● ○ ○Front-end development: HTML, CSS; Javascript + jQuery; Wordpress
● ● ● ○ ○Adobe Photoshop (and equivalents)
● ● ● ○ ○Adobe PremierePro and DaVinci Resolve
● ● ● ○ ○Knowledgeable of TV Broadcasting equipment, Photography studios, and of various camera equipment (e.g. Canon 7D
+ German driving license

Media experience

09/2020-presentMultimedia editor, freelance. Primarily in audio and web development. Editing podcasts and voiceovers; assisting in website updates. Also taken on projects such as editing the recent trailer for the Polish Home Video Archive.
10/2019—presentProducer and general committee assistant at Brum Radio, a community radio station in Birmingham; Scheduling, database organisation and coordination of projects such as The European Lockdown Tour; Presenting and co-producing the Brum Radio A-List
09/2016 – 06/2019Elected Head of Music Programming 2018/19 at Scratch Radio BCU’s student radio station; Responsibilties included: weekly scheduling and radio show, sourcing new music, ensuring consistent station sound and tidy music database. I also coordinated events, such as the xChange Festival broadcast and Woman's Day celebrations. Additionally, I was producer of a number of daytime and evening shows, recruited and trained new members and was the person of contact regarding any radio software issues. Since 09.2016: Structuring shows, script-writing and social media
07/2018 – 08/2018Internship at egoFM - Munich-based alternative radio station; Audio and online editorial, writing original articles, editing interviews, sound-bites and packages. Took part in daily meetings, sourced and edited the 'deinEgo' segment, recorded vox pops. Shadowed the music programmers.
06/2017Newsroom internship in the fourth channel ("Czwórka") of the Polish public radio 'Polskie Radio'; news writing and reporting, online editorial, audio editing
01/2014 – presentVolunteering at "Dein LiFE" FKA “Störfunk” - a bi-weekly (ex-daily) radio show on m94.5; radio soft- and hardware, producing and presenting shows, volunteering at events; Jury position at the Bavarian Youth Radio Awards 2018; Also ocassionally involved in their video productions FKA, now also as "Dein LiFE"

Other projects

09/2018—06/2019Creator of nochefspodcast - recipes in podcast form. It is a step-by-step, real-time guide through simple dishes, suited for absolute beginners and intermediates; I have come up with the idea in early 2018 and put it into fruition as my final BA project. I was responsible for recording, editing, designing the website, as well as remaining production duties.
11/2018—02/2019Deputy station manager, producer and presenter on FADE Radio - an award nominated, dance music, pop-up radio station; I was responsible for technical management such as daily studio change-overs, assistance with soft– and hardware, and the coordination of the BBC WM simulcast, as well as directly overlooking station sound and social media content. I also produced and presented 10 hours of specialist evening radio shows.
09/2018Part of the Jury of the Bavarian Youth Radio Prize
continousMusic blogging [various platforms] - Starting my passion for writing about music with my own blog [currently on hiatus], later writing for Bloggers Gamut, Scratch Magazine, Birmingham Eastside, as well as on placement for egoFM. I am interested in new music, and am particularly up to date in alternative, experimental and hyperpop at the moment.
09/2017 - 05/2018TV Studio productions with Scratch TV / Best Before End News / etc. - Involvement in live broadcasts of Scratch TV – BCU’s student television; sound, vision mixing and camera operating; Lighting and runner duties on Best Before End News

Other experience

11/2019 – presentStudent monitor in Parkside Mediahouse - TV, Radio and Photography studios; overlooking evening bookings, maintenance of studios, responsible for a thorough shut-down and locking up the studios
09/2017 – presentStudent Voice Assistant with BCU Student Union; required surveying students, lone-working and time management.
09/2014 – 07/2017Voluntary work on & off stage at Bühnenwerk – a Munich-based theatre project for both amateur and professional theatre
Me in the FADE Radio studio

Here's the bit where you can read what I can say about myself. Me! Me! Me!... Although I'd rather just have my work and my CV speak for itself!

I was born in Warsaw, later moved with my family to Munich. For university I chose Birmingham... And now I'm based in London!

After graduating in July 2019 with a BA in Media and Communications, which was half theory and half practice, I've continued education with an MA in Media and Cultural Studies. Academically, I'm most interested in studying digital and music cultures. My particular niche within that is "dislike studies" - which means anything that involves audiences engaging with, but simultaneously disliking what they watch or listen to... In production, I simply love all things radio. The music industries are another passion of mine - aside from writing and talking about it, I also voluunteered at a number of events. Then there is everything 'new media' related... like coding my own website from scratch ;)

Because I'm a bit of a workaholic (and a hopeless perfectionist), I get involved in anything I can get my hands on... Currently, I help out behind the scenes at Brum Radio. I have been a member of Scratch Radio for three years, leading the music team and co-running the station in 2018/19. The same year I've also been chosen to be deputy station manager on FADE Radio. Prior to that, I have worked in theatre and events production with Bühnenwerk in Munich. I am still an active member of Dein LiFE FKA Störfunk. Gives me a chance to get involved in fantastic opportunities or to simply do another radio show, when I go back to Munich.

Now, if you think I should get involved with your project, or you just want to chat - all relevant contact details are just one more scroll away...